Men – Women Difference In Military

Men and women have different physical qualities. It has led to separate physical grading scale. As such women are prohibited from most of the combat operations. They are excluded from special operations, infantry and ground roles where higher level of physical performance is required. The current generation women are able to pursue combat arms-type positions as well. Apart from differences…

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Pregnancy In Military Service

Pregnancy is great time in women’s life. She will go through so many bodily changes. There should be great mental support from the husband and family member so that the lady will manage normal health throughout the pregnancy period. If she is working, additional care should be taken. Working in military and undergoing pregnancy should be handled very carefully. If…

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History and Progress of Women Participation in Military

Throughout the world, women were barred from serving in military because of great physical qualities. The women structure is quite different than men. They cannot lift weights as can be done by the same age and weight group in men. Women got equal rights and opportunities in other public areas. However, they were denied opportunity in military. The military law…

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