How Important It Is To Have Women In Army?

Male soldiers are very aggressive. Thus, they are best fit for combat operations. However, because of the aggressiveness, it leads to more number of accidents than ever before. The risk to eye injuries in men is twice than that of women. The suicidal tendency in women is lower than men. Women uphold the motherhood and they nurture people and build relations. The suicidal rate in men is to the extent of 95%. The hospitalization rate of women is 58%. It is less than 30% of men.

The average upper body strength of men is higher than women. Army conducted various tests to figure out the differences between men and women. These tests were conducted on various aspects including strength, stamina, speed, coordination and endurance. Women have less active culture than men. However, these constraints are not stopping women to get into military service. The military prefers personnel who are healthy and fit to accomplish things at a great pace and by using the available resources in the best possible way. The quickness to respond to changing circumstances will make them feel happy.

In the post 9/11 wars, women accounted for 10% of the forces deployed in other countries. They are less than 13% of the medically evacuated percentage. It is close to the share of the battle injured personnel. Through a fine balancing act, women will be integrated into various combat arms such as infantry, armor and artillery. At one hand, the standards should not be compromised and on the hand, the recruiters should ensure that women candidates are qualified to join military.

In some ranks, women are stronger than men. As long as the standards are met, the differences in terms of gender will certainly ironed out. However, military services should double-check that the standards are met without fail. The standards should be laid down so that the expected service will be delivered by women without fail. Clear standards should be set at various levels so that the performance will be assessed in a very efficient way.

As you go through Pentagon reports, you will understand more about the difference between men and women in military services. More women were hospitalized due to mental disorders than men. Tumors, neoplasm and genitourinary disorders are quite common among women soldiers. Females walk-in to military clinics 50% more than men. Women suffering from migraine headache are more compared to men.