Men – Women Difference In Military

Men and women have different physical qualities. It has led to separate physical grading scale. As such women are prohibited from most of the combat operations. They are excluded from special operations, infantry and ground roles where higher level of physical performance is required. The current generation women are able to pursue combat arms-type positions as well.

Apart from differences in physical qualities, both genders serve in same occupational specialties. Moral values should be upheld in both genders. They should work for the nation with great integrity. However, there are differences in military policies and demographics. There is more number of men than women in military. There are about 1.4 million service members of which 14.5% constitute women. The ban on women in combat was lifted in 2013. Now, women can join in artillery and infantry as well.

However, women cannot get entry into Army Rangers and Navy SEALS. These services are evaluating the prospects of inducting women. If women are required to join into elite military groups, they should possess very high qualifications and necessary training so that they will be accommodated as per the latest standards. The greatest hindrance to induct women into these forces is the lack of privacy. There should be accommodation for women cadets as well. The accommodation and arrangements should be done for sleeping and for usage of bathrooms.

Female soldiers should have special privileges. They should have access to 6 weeks of paid leave after giving birth. The leave is granted so that the female soldier will overcome the stress that originates through pregnancy and labor. In case of men, paternity leave is granted. However, it is restricted for 10 days only. These paternity and maternity leaves are allowed in addition to the annual leaves.

The sexual assault on women is higher than men in military. These facts are revealed through statistics. Physical training tests are conducted to troops. There will be different requirements for women. Soldiers are required to run two miles while Air Force personnel are required to run for 1.5 miles. The passing standards for women will be lower than men. There will be lower standards at the time of recruitment as well. As per the new combat policy, there is no relaxation in fitness standards for women. They should obtain the same passing scores as that of men. In fact, the ban on women in combat was lifted based on the great performance of women in Iraq and Afghanistan. They served in the front lines of the army quite successfully. Gender-neutral standards for combat positions were suggested by Department of Defense.

Each branch of armed forces assessed the impact of combat positions to women. They have developed new plans so that integration of women into combat operations will be very efficient. Certain combat positions in marines are closed to women. As per the new changes, women will be inducted into all positions in marines as well. Thus, in spite of great differences, women are able to perform better in military.