About WOPA

WOPA  began as an informal organization in 1978. The organization works for the improvement and encouragement of women in military. It has engaged several prominent speakers to raise their voice and educate women employees. At the moment, WOPA serves as forum for exchange of information. Information is crucial for uplift and gives clear direction to the society.

WOPA is committed to benefit, foster and encourage educational and professional development of women. In this direction, it gives access to information. The information about professional and specialized courses will be provided to women so that they will be able to pursue relevant studies and grab best positions on sea.

It promotes career planning for women in navy, Marine Corps and coast guard. Required educational material will be provided to women so that who are interested in sea service will be able to strive their best and would land in their dream career without any issues.

By offering consistent information, the career planning can be done. The planning can be done in navy, coast guard and Marine Corps. If you would like to know more about WOPA or would like to obtain more information towards the development of women, it can be done in the best possible way by writing to the following address:



Even though WOPA was started as an informal organization, it has great impact in boosting the confidence levels of women in military, sea and other related services. It plays great role in shaping the future society by offering timely information about various opportunities for education and employment. Members will be able to discuss their needs and get advice from experts so that they will benefited and pursue their dream career in military.