Basic USA Army Requirements & Tests For Women

There is presence of women in US army since 1775. In the early years women army personnel were involved in nursing the ill and wounded soldiers. They were involved in laundry and cooking tasks as well. There were drastic changes in the 20th century and today women are involved in almost all kinds of tasks. Women continue to play crucial role in the current army and their selfless service is quite remarkable. Now that you know you have a golden opportunity, let us look through some of the requirements and suggestions, before you apply:

  1. You should have strong mind, body and grit to join US military. Women should go through very tough physical fitness challenges. The harshest fitness demands are faced by aspiring army rangers. The height, weight and body-fat composition rules for recruits are mentioned on the official website of the army. The measurements vary as per the age. In women, the body-fat percentage should not be more than 30 to 36%. If you fail to meet the basic height and weight qualifications, you will go through body-fat calculation. The calculation is based on abdominal and neck measurements. If there are recruits who failed in the body-fat percentage, they should go through the monitoring program. Through the monthly weight loss program, personnel are required to shed weight on a consistent basis.
  2. The army is gearing to make changes to the fitness test. The endurance is assessed through the basic training physical fitness test. It is a three level test. Changes are taking place for the first time in 20 years. Instead of going through the simple push up, sit up and run routine, you should go through several battery of sprints, jumps and rows. You should also go through a series of slalom runs. The other aspects which should be covered in this aspect include balance beam walks, casualty drags and ammo carries.
  3. If you are in between 17 and 21 age group, you are required to take 13 push-ups, 47 sit-ups and complete 19:42 two-mile run. Similarly, women in age group of 22 and 26 are required to complete 11 push-ups, 43 sit-ups and 20:36 two-mile run. Basic training APFT is required to be completed so that you can graduate to boot camp and it is possible to continue advance infantry training.
  4. In order to maximize your performance in these tests, you are required to follow regular workout routines. The diet should be modified. You can find further information about diet on the website, Extensive training is required on pull-ups, flexed arm hang, pushups and sit-ups, running and preparation for ruck marches. As you go through army fitness articles, you can fact the test and enter army with flying colors.
  5. You will go through anxious moments when you go through the physical fitness test. In fact, you will go through stressful situations at various locations including work, sports and test taking. You should be well prepared for the test and you should take the test yourself many times so that you will clear it very easily. By maintaining healthy lifestyle, training and relaxing, you can face PFT.